Getting Involved

There are three simple ways you can get involved!

  1. Make a Donation
  2. Invite us to give a lecture at your school
  3. Volunteer
  4. Purchase sustainable products through 


About Eco Economics:

This is a one stop shop that allows individuals to obtain the tools to help them reduce their resource intake and waste output. There has been an ever increasing paradigm shift of individuals who seek to learn about sustainable products and solutions.

Eco Economics LLC donates 10% of its earnings to Earth Mantra (a nonprofit sister organization), which educates young adults on how to live in harmony with our planet and how to use their personal finances to promote sustainable practices.

The company has 3 main goals:

  1. Provide one platform where individuals can obtain sustainable products.
  2. Increase Conscious Consumerism
  3. Offer an online curriculum that teaches individuals:
    • How to navigate and use their personal finances to make wise investments and purchasing decisions.
    • How individuals can implement sustainable practices in their everyday lives.



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