Educating Young Adults

Earth Mantra partner with teachers, schools, and educational programs by giving presentations on the importance of future generation’s habits, and their global impact on sustainability.

Earth Mantra has a mentor program that supports students by helping them implement sustainability projects. The organization educates young adults about how they can use their purchasing power to change what kinds of products companies create and how they are produced. This is called conscious consumerism.

It interesting how some of the most important topics like personal finance and environmental sustainability are not taught as part of the standard curriculum within our school systems. We live in a time where the fiat monetary system touches every individual’s life, yet we don’t teach our young adults how to manage or navigate their personal finances. Once an individual turns 18, we automatically expect that they know how FICO scores, credit cards, saving for retirement, and managing a budget works. 

We are told at a young age that it is impolite to talk about money, politics, and religion. Why is money such a taboo subject, when it is something that impacts everyone? Every individual on this planet has a financial report card, so why is it not taught in high school?

As the world’s population increases, we must learn how to bring our resource intake and waste output to an equilibrium or our natural resources will face depletion.  Sustainability and personal finance are two of the most pressing topics that should be taught, but are being ignored due to their “political, controversial, or taboo” nature. These topics shouldn’t be seen in that light. It is the organization’s goal to help shed light on these topics, so that we can begin talking about the “elephant” in the room.



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